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Monday, August 1, 2011

Life like a river

Ever wondered why do we do what we do...why do we take this path and not that and then that same very chosen path which we thought will take us to new heights , throws us into deepest dungeons.

How for a moment we think everything is charted out,planned and then next moment everything is just tossed right in front of us. Some people love the unpredictable, uncertainty ,yet some get scared of not knowing what lies in their future, "are they secure or not?"...The big question is does river always flow in a charted path or discovers the undiscovered? Go into areas,places unknown and establish its own kingdom. But what happens when it is bored of that same path too, wont it change its course.
Go by its own free will...and that's what is LIFE. Goes on and on in its own free will :)

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