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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A mirror tells the truth

“A mirror tells the truth about everybody else but does not know its own back. Man too is busy knowing everything else but himself" - Anonyms

But isn’t a man who tries to know himself called a Self Obsessed man. The society gives so many names, a self-involved, self-obsessed and sometimes a self-centered man. While discussing this with one of my profound friend, he replied, “when you don’t know about yourself, you won’t be able to give your 100% to others, look at people who have spent their entire life for others Like Mother Teresa,MK Gandhi etc... they knew their priorities.They didn’t have any expectations and truly went on the path of self-less sacrifice”.

True enough they sacrificed for the greater good, but why or rather what did they learn about themselves that led them to give 100% to others. Did they really forget about themselves or was it their passion that led them to work for the mass? I have worked in an NGO too, “Youth ForSeva” teaching children in government schools (I won’t call them underprivileged because at least they had an access to a school) and I will say I worked there, thinking of myself too. It gave me peace in doing something for others and to see them smile, words fall short in describing the feeling, and the peace was entirely for me. And yes I would like to do it again for 100% self-centered reasons, for the peace of mind that you get there is irreplaceable.

My dear friend Chaitanya replies, “They didn’t want anything that is what they understood. They had realized true happiness lies in fulfilling the need of deprived, it is like if your cup is full, how much more can you fill? Instead fill the empty cups…but yes it is a lot easier to preach than practice, you need a lot of courage and will to give yourself to the masses.”

It is true it needs a lot of courage to even step out and voice your opinion let alone take the actions, but I have a flipside question. Yes I believe in the sanctity of doing greater good but as I said I am a self-centered person, how will I know when my cup is full?  There are so many things in this world to know, to do, to achieve, to learn that even human life span is short for it all, from the Amazon forest to Bermuda triangle, from the atom whose slightest change in structure can cause great destruction , from human emotions to their portrayal in different art forms, from martial arts to area 51, from religious scriptures to angels demons etc.. there is so much, there are so many subjects. Even the study of ones own self requires time.

We may say we know ourselves but if you did, then wouldn’t you be in control of the involuntary actions that you take, the emotions that overwhelm you sometimes, the actions which you intend not to take but leaves you aghast. There are numerous things unknown and yes I want to learn them, learn about myself and if in that course of time I forget everyone else and obsess about myself then yes I am self-centered.

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