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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


In today's fast and "button press do it all" world, whether or not we want it but we are going through increasingly rapid expanding dimensions of our body. But with the new age of awareness thankfully we are constantly aware of this increasing fact and some of us do try and be regular to GYM, a place increasingly growing in popularity where all equipments promising to work on different parts of our body are kept. Here too some of the machines do work on press of a button but you do have to make some effort too.

In some such efforts of mine to go to the GYM , experienced some funny incidents, heard some of them and even witnessed some funny incidents happen to others. This is a series of some such experiences -

Me panting and taking a break after tummy crunches. A guy walks past, whose name I don't know, smiling at me. Takes a U-turn and strikes a conversation, introducing himself, but no matter how hard I recall I can remember his name. So lets call him "Guy whose name I don't remember".

Guy whose name I don't remember : hi, are u Muslim?
Me: ?!!! No....
Guy whose name I don't remember: u look Muslim!
Me: ooookayyy... (thinking to myself and trying to make a mental picture of how does your religion make you look different physically? plus since I am in track pants and t-shirt!)
Guy whose name I don't remember: so what's the program today?
Me: ?!!!! Go home n sleep..
Guy whose name I don't remember: no, I meant legs or arms...?
Me: I just do whatever I feel like. (oh no! wrong answer)
Me: okie, byeeee.......
Guy whose name I don't remember: yeah, lets hopefully have juice together after gym. Call me when u leave.
Me: ????!!!!!

After another 10 mins I look around me to see if the guy is anywhere in the vicinity and silently walk out of the gym saving myself from Muslim opening lines and Juice.


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