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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Children of Dawn

Children of Dawn

“And she came down like an angel in flowing white flowery gown, to bless her children……………………..
She came down thinking she’ll punish the naughty one but seeing their puckered faces, she smiled and said ‘I love you and bless you all’……….”

If Earth is an Empire then Mother Nature is the queen and the universal mother residing on Earth is feeding and nourishing us. Mother Nature, and its children, all species, human, animals, plants are given equal space to delve harmoniously in a sanctum called Earth.
Every species, the children of Nature, born from the same Earth, created from the same five elements and given a part each from the same soul, have been given a unique role to play in our respective lifetime. Look at the trees and plants, the most harmonious of all species, are given the role of soldiers of the empire. They stand tall night and day defending the empire and have done so for ages. The Trees, the protector, have been playing their role diligently from the start, protecting us, defending us, feeding and nourishing us like Samaritans.  But the question is have we, the Human race, have been playing our role?

From the beginning of Indian heritage, our ancestors had known who their protector is and they had respected and worshipped their protector. But as the time went by, we started taking our protectors for granted. Blessed as our species are, by Mother Nature with intelligence unmatched to any other species, was the unmatched intelligence given to destroy every other species or was it to find technology and science for coexisting harmoniously? Was it not to share some burden of Mother Nature to find ways to protect and provide for other species? Is it not this kind of culture that we should develop?

We, the human race have been provided everything for being the frontiers in running the universal culture towards development and coexistence but instead we are stuck in thinking only about our well being. But this hasn’t happened as a sudden trend. It has gradually developed in our thinking. Our ancestors weren’t like us and this can be strengthened going back and looking at Indian Heritage. If we look at Hinduism and the old scriptures and practices, we can see Indians worship sun, wind, land, trees, water, plant and animals too, and this is the very basis of our cultural ethos. No worship, no celebration is complete without being in-sync with nature. Our old Indian heritages are standing proof of the practices that were followed. Many sculptures bare the mark as inscriptions. Our fore fathers bore close relationship with Mother Nature. Ancient texts written in Sanskrit, Pali and other languages can provide significant details, for example, the scripture Vishnu Samhita in Sanskrit contains direct instructions dealing with biodiversity conservation. Not to be ignored the whole civilization, Indus valley civilization, has come into existence near sources of water. Our well being is intertwined with nature, then how can we cut ourselves from the empire and still hope to be well.
Our culture reflects our history, tradition and our beliefs. But now, with the increasing growth of Technology are we trying to change our tradition? Mother Nature has given us our intellect and even waited for centuries for us to develop our unique gift, discover and develop Science and technology,  but was it given only to be used as a weapon against her and her other children! Can a Mother see her own baby grow up and attack her other children first and then her?  A mother can’t see her other children being destroyed because of the naughty one, but still our Mother Nature has waited patiently. And we still haven’t learnt our lesson. The tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, whirlpools, killing lakhs and lakhs of people are warning enough given by our Mother. How many more destructions have to happen, how many more warnings do we need before we it gets clear? Will it need the last drop of water in Ocean to vanish, the last tree felled to the ground to make us realize we are on a path of self –destruction?
Our recent endeavors and revolutions in all fields of Technology from automobile to communication and the advent of globalization are commendable, no doubt. However, it is imperative that we develop without losing the basic character of our long cherished tradition and values which include environmental conservation. The process of economic growth though vital for a nation’s progress but done at the cost of environmental degradation is no growth at all for the entire culture. The destruction of nature via Industrialization and Urbanization by burning fossil fuels, deforestation, Industrial sewage going into oceans, oil spills, poaching of animals is not development of our culture. It is a path of destruction of our culture which we are walking on.

We must not forget our modern development has been made on a base provided by nature. For example, traditional knowledge like Ayurveda had always contributed to Modern medicine. If it were not for single celled organisms, we wouldn’t have discovered Biotechnology. I hope we don't forget our roots and strive to create an environment harmonious for all species, create a culture universal and global to all on Earth and not be restricted to a country or to a species.

Lets all bow down in respect and hail our Mother, Mother Nature for creating a beautiful world.