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Friday, June 20, 2014

"The manliest thing to do in the world would be to Do men" - GYM CHRONICLES - Part 2

"The manliest thing to do in the world would be to Do men", I had heard this quote recently in a play during rehearsals where the actor had to play a gay character. And he delivered the line with an amazing ease but with a slight feminine touch. But let's park the thought on his performance saying it went hilariously well :)

It jogged my mind down the memory lane to a series of events narrated by a friend of mine on a series of events that happened to him in the GYM :D . So here is a refreshing post to break the monotonous "guys hitting on girls in Gym" saga.

My friend, a straight male (sorry can't give you his name), an avid and enthusiastic gymMer has this habit of going to the locker room, stripping down his clothes wearing nothing but a towel and going for a shower after gymming for 2 straight hours. Off course! nothing wrong with that, but on one such day after he comes out of the shower -

Friend (busy soaking all the water from his body and hair)
A guy(say X) approaches him...
Friend is still soaking the water from his hair not alarmed at the guy approaching as he is within talking distance.
Mr. X still comes even more closer, now crossing the talking zone and entering the Uncomfortable "U are wayyyyy to close" zone.
Friend (slightly squirmish at the total stranger standing tooo close) : Yesssssss........?
Mr. X: My name is X. You have quite nice abs there.
Friend (taking a step back): yes thanks. (he looks down and wonders at his flabby tummy) :)
Mr. X: (suddenly runs his finger on his chest) But your chest is toooooooooo hairy.
Friend (shocked and glued to his spot and then recovering and taking a step back): yeah I like it that way.
Mr. X: (taking another step forward and running his finger down his chest again) yeah even I like it this way but don't you think it would look more cleaner and babyish when clean shaven.
Friend (kinda aghast and angry by now pushes his hand away covers his chest): Dude! please stop touching me and thanks for your suggestion.

He quickly runs to take his clothes from the locker and dashed inside the bathroom to change :D
When he comes out , again -
 Mr. X: hi, I don't have a vehicle and have missed the bus , can you please drop me to home.
Friend : ok..fine.  ( I dunno what he was thinking to have said that!!!!!)

So when he drop Mr. X to his home by his car.
Mr. X: hey would you like to come home? There is no one home, we could have some red wine.
Friend:(comes to his senses of understanding the meaning and says) No thanks. ...and he speeds his car away.   :D

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


In today's fast and "button press do it all" world, whether or not we want it but we are going through increasingly rapid expanding dimensions of our body. But with the new age of awareness thankfully we are constantly aware of this increasing fact and some of us do try and be regular to GYM, a place increasingly growing in popularity where all equipments promising to work on different parts of our body are kept. Here too some of the machines do work on press of a button but you do have to make some effort too.

In some such efforts of mine to go to the GYM , experienced some funny incidents, heard some of them and even witnessed some funny incidents happen to others. This is a series of some such experiences -

Me panting and taking a break after tummy crunches. A guy walks past, whose name I don't know, smiling at me. Takes a U-turn and strikes a conversation, introducing himself, but no matter how hard I recall I can remember his name. So lets call him "Guy whose name I don't remember".

Guy whose name I don't remember : hi, are u Muslim?
Me: ?!!! No....
Guy whose name I don't remember: u look Muslim!
Me: ooookayyy... (thinking to myself and trying to make a mental picture of how does your religion make you look different physically? plus since I am in track pants and t-shirt!)
Guy whose name I don't remember: so what's the program today?
Me: ?!!!! Go home n sleep..
Guy whose name I don't remember: no, I meant legs or arms...?
Me: I just do whatever I feel like. (oh no! wrong answer)
Me: okie, byeeee.......
Guy whose name I don't remember: yeah, lets hopefully have juice together after gym. Call me when u leave.
Me: ????!!!!!

After another 10 mins I look around me to see if the guy is anywhere in the vicinity and silently walk out of the gym saving myself from Muslim opening lines and Juice.